Sunday, August 25, 2013

10 Questions with a creator: Joey Lee Cabral

1)        What is your position with Urban Myth Studios and what does that entail?
I am considered a co-founder alongside others but really I’m just taking credit for the studio members book successes like Red Bratva and Not again Zuez”

2)        Who are your favorite artists and where do you draw inspiration?
My top by category would by the greatest Travis Charest, Inspiring Oliver Coipel and Painter Dustin Nguyen.
As for inspiration I would say social media, I look on Facebook or Instagram and see what people are doing with their talents and challenge myself to do the same.

3)        What are your favorite comics?
My favorites would be Civil War for the art, Ultimates for the story and Joker by Bryan Azierrello and Lee Bermijo just because it’s just awesome

4)        Where do you hope the studio is in 5 years?
We’ll be a studio of friends each doing work professionally. I feel like we have accomplished so much now that where I hope to see the studio is basically inevitable. 

5)        If you could learn from any artist in any time who would it be and why?
Michelangelo, there was no form of art he couldn’t do.

6)        If you could assemble your perfect creative team to work on a comic book project (not produced by Urban Myth) who would they be and what would they work on?
Cover Artist Travis Charest
Writer Frank Miller
Artist Oliver Coipel
Inker Mark Morales
Colors Pez (I would fire him so I could work with them).

7)        Outside of drawing what are you interests and hobbies?
My mistress is Call of Duty, all of them. (Gamer Tag: LazarusKOD for X-box)

8)        What is your favorite movie and why?
Gladiator by far, it’s just a great movie, visually it wasn’t like anything else, story was great and even in his death there was victory (epic ending) it’s funny cause I can’t wait for him to die. I’m there crying saying GO TO THEM, GO!

9)        Do you have any books being worked on at the moment?
Not really, LOL I just talk about doing the sequel but never put out anything on paper. Story is done, just need to draw it. Call me Joey Lucas. I will though, this year Kause Of Death 2!!!!

10)     What’s the best part about creating your own comics?
Just that, calling the shots, making your own rules and the outcome of the characters are just the way you want it.

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