Monday, June 22, 2015

We will be having a signing in Albuquerque New Mexico at Lobo Anime & Comics. Our entire clan will be there. All kinds of fun will be had, so come get it!

The Road North, new comic book by Joshua Covey goes live on Kick Starter June 30th. Follow Josh at: joshuacovey@instagram and facebook

New logo for Legion of Amazing Dudes (L.O.A.D), designs for the New Sushini soldiers, and black and white art for the cover. Art by Erick Osuna Cabral, follow at: erickosunacabral@instagram

All art work by Joey Lee Cabral, private commissions. Contact Joey at joeyleecabral@instagram or facebook.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Concept art by Joshua Covey. Follow Josh at joshuacovey@instagram or facebook/joshuacovey
Wolfman lines by Steven Crowe. Follow him at stevencrowe@instagram or facebook/stevencrowe
Dark Knight art by Joey Lee Cabral. Follow him at joeyleecabral@instagram or facebook/joeyleecabral